Our Promise

Our Bold Promise 

We promise to neutralize our carbon footprint by offsetting our emissions with our partners and have recently teamed up with the One Tree Planted/onetreeplanted.org reforestation project. For every product sold on our website we plant a tree where needed the most around the world. We always strive to achieve a zero-waste partnership with our suppliers as well as carefully curating each of our eco-friendly products so we can offer easy and sustainable shopping to our customers. We are an eco-conscious online store that promotes sustainability, organic products, and eco-friendly shopping all in one place.
We believe in preserving our planet, providing you with a diverse range of sustainable options, and presenting it in a way that's easy for you to shop! We take pride in knowing our offerings will benefit both you (the consumer) and the environment by educating others about making smarter choices for their health, beauty, and home purchasing decisions by providing consumers eco-friendly options and safer alternatives to plastic with our all-natural organic ingredients and materials.
We promise to positively impact all those touched by our business, including our customers, employees, the environment, and the local community. We are an eco-conscious online store that strives for efficiency, transparency, and continues to reduce our own plastic bottle use in the home and workplace. We believe in healthy lifestyles and giving back to those less fortunate than ourselves. All our products are organic or green living products that we source from fair-trade, social good, made in small batches, and with no animal testing. We strive to curate an eco-friendly  collection that derives from local artisans and distributors with the same values.

The Eco Joynt store was created to help promote sustainable shopping and consumption. We promise only to carry eco-conscious products that we have personally researched, vetted, and tested for durability, quality, usability, safety, and affordability. We promise to try to buy organic products whenever possible. We always make sure our products are made of recycled materials (or are sustainably sourced) whenever available.

When possible, we promise to promote conservation from carbon offsets (we donate one tree planted per product sold) to energy-saving light bulbs in our homes and warehouses! But most importantly, we promise to strive to educate shoppers about sustainability by bringing them information about each item in an easy-to-access online format. 
In short: The Eco Joynt, will provide a sustainable shopping experience. We promise to bring your eco-lifestyle to a reachable level that's affordable too. All at one convenient stop online!


We promise that with us, sustainable shopping will be made easier! 


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