Tree of Life Boho Inspired Dream Catcher Decor

House of Macramé

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Tree of Life Boho Inspired Dream Catcher Decor

Tree of Life Boho-Inspired Dream Catcher The tree of life symbol is a sign of strength, longevity, and peace. The tree of life is one of the oldest symbols in history, appearing earliest in the Middle East and among the ancient Sumerians. It has also been found in ancient Egypt, Assyria, and Greece. 

Connect with your ancestral roots. Embrace your inner child and bring peace to your living space with this unique hand-made piece. 

An essential piece of decor for any home! Also, a great gift for all nature lovers! A symbol of growth, strength, and beauty. A connection to nature through the roots. Fully hand-made. Inspiring and calming, as it reminds you of long summer days spent in nature.

Maker: House of Macramé

Color: Off-white.

Size: 9" x 25"

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